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Post by QueenMagmaHeart on Sat May 28, 2016 11:07 am

After a character is approved an admin or mod will post them here. If your character is rejected that only means you must edit your app and try again. Here is an example of a good character sheet

Name: Queen MagmaHeart
Age: late 30s
Gender: mare
Race: Magmapony alicorn
cutiemark/special talent: Her cutiemark is a heart with an orange to red orange gradient. It represents her kind loving ways and how she thinks of her subjects first. It can be seen clearly on her reference sheet.


Job:Magmaheart is currently the Queen of all the magmaponies
where does your pony live: Magmaheart resides in her castle in the large volcano above Ebony city.

Personality: She is a more quiet Mare. She prefers to be out and about with her subjects helping tend the fields or playing with foals but knows when to settle down and do her royal duties. she is tender hearted and gets rather emotionally involved with other ponies which often leads to overly trusting and heartache. Over time she learned to be kind to strangers but not to trust so easily.

flaws: As stated above in the past she gave her trust out too easily and was often hurt in the end. She is also still getting used to the position of queen therefore some mistakes are made due to her trying to learn.

strengths: Magmaheart is a strong mare and though her emotions run wild at times she can real them in and do what has to be done. She is quite adept at dealing with many social issues within her people and keeping a rather peaceful kingdom.

Likes/dislikes: Magmaheart loves playing with colts and fillies. she gets enjoyment out of seeing them sometimes beat her in games making them happy. She dislikes being alone due to having nopony around at night. She adores honey and sweet fruit whenever she can get her hooves on things that aren't cactus fruits she is elated. she hates Poison joke. it makes her feel unbearable cold all day.


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